[PAX East] Deus Ex: Human Revolution DIRECTOR’S CUT! (WiiU)

Deus Ex is back again, but mostly the same. However this director’s cut has some noticeable differences… Not because it’s the director’s cut and it comes with two additional missions though, that I wouldn’t say was all that noticeable. Square Enix is re-releasing Deus Ex on the WiiU and I have to say the experience was markedly different.
I’m not yet adjusted to the WiiU controller so I won’t blame that initial awkwardness on the re-release or the device itself. I will say, the game looks just as good on the WiiU as it did on a PS3 or an XBox 360. I didn’t feel like corners were being cut or anything was lagging behind what I’m accustomed to.
WiiU players will get a very similar experience to that of their PS3 and XBox friends. However, they’ll need to acclimate themselves to interacting with multiple interfaces throughout gameplay.
The game happens on the big screen and maps, menus, and other bits and bobs are relegated to the touchscreen on the controller. I hope there’s an option to turn this off because in a game like Deus Ex you’re in your menus quite a bit. Having to look down, and take my hands out of position every time I needed to switch weapons (which I did often because shooting first and asking questions later means you go through a lot of ammo) was definitely not an improvement.
In the new and improved version players will get the aforementioned DLC integrated into the game, an even prettier game, and better balance for combat (there were some ridiculous fights in Deus Ex).
If you want a WiiU and serious gamer games that help you flex your stealth sneaking, dystopian decision making, and cyborg combating, you should check it out.
BUT! I’ totally suggest finding a way to try the controller (or the game on the controller if you can) before you commit to the WiiU system… It’s not like going from an Xbox to a PS3 or even from a console to a DS.
Though as Frederick Douglas said, “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”

[PAX East '13] The Last of Us Features Happy Bricks and Echolocation.

I played The Last of Us demo at PAX East and felt all the feelings. Happy for a sweet band of misfits sticking together to make their way in this harsh new world. Confused by the MC Escher reminiscent environment that I couldn’t navigate because I could get lost in a cul-de-sac. Scared—no terrified—by the Clickers, cauliflower-faced creatures who use echolocation to ferret out their prey. Proud when I figured out how to distract them and escape. Finally, fun-stressed while I tried to fight off diseased humans from all angles.
It was vital to utilize stealth, cunning, speed, and puzzle-thinking to get through this scene so I can’t imagine what the game will hold. I’ve always thought of Naughty Dog as the story people with a good game keeping you in the seat but I think The Last of Us might have the story and game neck and neck for awesomest.
Now I’m a little worried I’ll miss some of the story because I’ll be so  engrossed in the game! Gah. My life is hard.
Check out the Last of Us Past East 2013 demo video:
Lucky me, I came away from the very stressful demo with a stress brick by the name of Happy Brock.

Happy Brock the stress brick!

Check out the official Naughty Dog write up on their blog.
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