Holy High Hell, Heaven is a Place on Steam!

I want to go to there.” There being High Hell because it’s essentially everything I’ve ever wanted in a first-person shooter: self-deprecating humor, violence, great graphics (based on the style, it’s beautiful).
High Hell looks like a cross between GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64 and the Adult Swim show Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell.

Check out the trailer for High Hell by Devolver Digital

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Routine Will Keep You Alive in the Post-Apocalypse

ann would punch me in the face if I missed another week. We’ve got a schedule and I fail to stick to it.
If I was supposed to patrol every other night to ensure no baddies encroached on my camp, I’d be dead by my third turn. I’d forget what day of the week  it was by day four. But I am trying.
I don’t have anything to write about so I’m going to throw a bunch of links and resources at you.
1.  Nerve-Flu Pandemic Contest 

The AChE (Nerve) Flu Pandemic is part of a “viral” campaign to promote our short film, and to raise awareness for ourKickstarter Campaign (http://kck.st/o8eDB4) to raise funds for our budget.
Within the universe of our film, the Nerve-Flu Pandemic caused mass-hysteria and brought the world’s societies crumbling down. The interesting twist is, as in reality, the pandemic was a work of fiction… it never existed.
Help us spread the rumor of the Nerve-Flu Pandemic and we will give you a very special reward, being listed in the credits of our film as “Bringers of the Apocalypse”.

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