The Apocalypse- ONLINE!

There are plenty of survivalism blogs out there- you can see a few of the best in our links folder- but in general they’re very serious. You may have guessed by now that while we’re serious about surviving the end days, we’re a little more focused on the post-apocalyptic living bit. We’re sort of a post-apocalyptic lifestyle blog at this stage, and we’re OK with that.
And as a result of that focus, I’ve become a bit obsessed with online post-apocalyptia. By which I don’t mean the other survivalist blogs, I mean people tweeting and blogging as if they already live in an apocalypse. I love these. I love them so much.
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Post-apocalyptic Fashion: What to Wear

It’s a tricky prospect. The world’s ended, but you still want to look good. The new existance demands a certain aesthetic, but it also demands practicality. And where on earth are you going to find your new clothes? Well, as in all things, I am here to help. Number One tip: Buy your survival clothes long before it becomes an issue. In this article, I do half the work for you. You just have to click the links and spend the money!
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