Survival instruction nursery rhyme

Jamie made the following comment to my last post: I really like the idea of making up nursery rhymes that carry survival instructions. Those kinds of things will stick in a kids brain and they’ll know what to do in certain situations without knowing how they know. If the apocalypse hits, I’ll be sending any future children to whatever school you’ll be running! This, of course, had me thinking: what kind of nursery rhyme would... Read more

Entertaining the kids

Coming off the Christmas holidays, my older daughter’s school has a few random days off in January. My younger daughter gets to stay home those days, and I unfortunately get no work done. (Unless I want to work at midnight, which I usually have to do in order to meet my deadlines. Yay.) Those are also the days when I have to come up with new and creative ways to entertain my daughters. Since Christmas... Read more