NYCC: MTV's DEATH VALLEY – Q&A with some cast and crew

MTV is going back to their 90’s roots with a show that might actually be geared at people, plain ole regular people with a sense of humor and no interest in the lives of specific youths either real or fictional (or some disturbing hybrid of the two).
I’ve accepted that if I want music I’ll have to turn on the radio, navigate to a website, or tune into those weird channels that play music and rotate still frames of trivia about the current artist. If I want music videos, I have to go to YouTube or specific artist websites. Moreover, if I want quality television, I’ll have to look around, but never directly at, MTV.
Wait–What’s that? MTV has a new mockumentary style series about dopey local cops… RENO 911? Nope, this show is about the fictional Undead Task Force (UTF) of the LAPD. The Undead task force is the unit that now exists to respond to the new threat of supernatural activity.
Huwat? Now, I’m interested. Continue reading “NYCC: MTV's DEATH VALLEY – Q&A with some cast and crew”