Watch Out: Lucy Garland Psychotic Bunny Makeup Tutorial

For some bizarre reason, Lucy Garland’s youtube channel only has about 100k subscribers.  This is insane considering her talent and production level. Sure she mainly focuses on avant-garde drag queen recreations… Hopefully, you’ll take a gander at the gem below and realize this woman could be the edge you need to make your next Patient Zero costume. Sure the bunny portion might not be for everyone, but the  infected sickness version sure is. Do you... Read more

Post apocalyptic hauntings

Last week I talked about supernatural apocalypses (apocali?) and came to the conclusion that they were just as likely as zombies, if you really push your definitions. But with ghosts I was stuck. Could ghosts cause an apocalypse? If ghosts exist (and I’ll leave you to your beliefs on that subject if you leave me to mine) would they haunt the world post-apocalypse? I mean, if anything will create ghosts the end of the world... Read more