The PROTOTYPE® 2 live action, choose your own adventure, 18+, UK Advert

Sgt James HellerPROTOTYPE® 2 is  bring democracy to the UK to  spur capitalism as a marketing venture. It’s a lot to wrap your head around, I know. But, in a nutshell:

1. There’s a new advertisement for PROTOTYPE® 2 in the UK. Rather game play or a cinematic trailer, it’s got actors—Real people playing the roles  of characters typically animated by designers.

2. If you’re on facebook,

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Kill ’em With… Cards? | Zombie Jombie (iOS)

Zombie Jombie is a new iOS game launching today from GREE. The well designed (artistically speaking) game sounds like a unique and interesting butload of fun:

The ultimate weapons – ZOMBIES – are under your control! In this twist of events, the zombies are finally the good guys, and now they are yours to use in battle against the nastiest humans around! As a Jombie (one who can control zombies),

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Review: Bastion (XBLA)

“There’s like a kid who wakes up and everyone’s dead and the world is gone.” That was how my husband described Bastion to me.

“Ew.” Was my response. “That sounds terrible and sad and not like a game at all.”

“I guess I can see that. It is pretty sad… Meh, try it,” he said, handing me the controller.

I settled in and tried it.

Immediately I was sucked into the story of The Kid as narrated by the old man with a voice made for storytelling.

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Entertaining the kids

Coming off the Christmas holidays, my older daughter’s school has a few random days off in January. My younger daughter gets to stay home those days, and I unfortunately get no work done. (Unless I want to work at midnight, which I usually have to do in order to meet my deadlines. Yay.)

Those are also the days when I have to come up with new and creative ways to entertain my daughters.

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Zombies grow in your neighborhood in Fleck

Fleck is an new in-browser game by Self Aware Games about defending your territory from the most adorable zombies ever.

You sign up, choose an avatar with a vague resemblance to you, and designate a location. You can situate yourself in you actual home or anywhere else in the United States. Locations are generated using Google Maps integration.

Your avatar makes an effort to live and in their own little private Idaho or Bel Air,

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