I’m Going to My Happy Place… The Far, Far Range from Slime Rancher.

According to XBox’s statistics, I’ve played more than 72 hours of Slime Rancher. That feels about right. I’ve mentioned before that Winter in New England is one of the forgotten circles of Hell. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and create the reality you want to live in. The place I want to be my reality is The Far, Far Range from Slime Rancher. I want to live in a place inhabited by greedy slime... Read more

Learning to Live With Small Inconveniences Now Will Pay Off Big in a Post-Apocalyptic World

Husband and I both had buffalo chicken for dinner. His was boneless, mine had bones. He sees no point in chicken with bones. I’m not totally sure why I like it. However, I do know that come world’s end, no one will be de-boning your chicken for you. You’ll need to get on board with tearing flesh from bone like a predator or get hip to eating grass and the like. Chicken and other meats having... Read more