Apocalyptic Video Game: ARMY OF DARKNESS DEFENSE (iOS)

Because I click almost every link I encounter[1. Yes, this has brought me to some strange places. No, I don’t get viruses; I practice safe clicking.], I discovered the most amazingly fun (and free) game on my iPod via an advertisement! A semi-side-scrolling, pseudo beat-em-up, defense game called Army of Darkness Defense. … Why yes, the game is based on the famously camp B-movies staring Bruce Campbell.
Army of Darkness Defense features characters from the Army of Darkness movie, such as Ash (including voice over quotes), Lord Arthur, and Duke Henry.
You play as Ash (and some kind of war god who controls the Smithy and makes the troops come) leading the charge of good guys defending the Necronomicon against the charge of the Deadite Army. Continue reading “Apocalyptic Video Game: ARMY OF DARKNESS DEFENSE (iOS)”