Post-Apocalyptic Graphic Novel (Comic): The Scourge

UPDATE: Got an email from a nice man at Aspen Comics who says, “Scourge is currently scheduled to go Digital in late January or early February. Keep checking our fb page and follow us on twitter for the latest updates.” Yay!
Sometimes a Zombie isn’t the worst thing you could become or watch others become. The sick and the shambling, we know how to fight them—with sticks and stones. But what about full-on demonic-style transformations from man to beast?
In apocalyptic scenarios, there’s always the fear that the mutations on center-stage might not be the only mutations that have occurred. We worry if animals might turn as well as people. We worry that after the walking dead come the running dead. And in Aspen Comics’ The Scourge, we worry if after the gargoyles, comes The Devil.
Yes, gargoyles.

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