PAX 2012 | The Last of US Live Demo

Naughty Dog has set a high bar for themselves with the Uncharted series and if PAX Prime 2012 is any indication, that bar has been met with The Last of Us.

I went into the demo with Kae from Fuck Yeah! The Last of Us (and Fuck Yeah! Uncharted) and our expectations were high. Before the demo even began Naughty Dog started off on the right foot. The inside of the viewing room looked like the long abandoned bathroom that Joel and Ellie make their way through in the demo.

(Kae took all those pictures)

In the demo Ellie even comments on the couple in the couple in the bathtub and how they “took the easy way out.”

The characters felt very well rounded and realistic. They worked well together and there was no hint of either Joel keeping Ellie around for the wrong reasons or Ellie being a useless little twat you’ll hope will die so you can go play in peace.

After the demo we were given sweet posters –you can see one pictured above—(I got a signed one by Bruce Straley, the game director, that we’ll be giving away here on In Case of Survival ASAP) and t-shirt.

Free stuff is always awesome but really the best part was the the actual demo. Kae and I were holding one another, gasping, giggling, and sincerely feeling all the feelings.

Check out The Last of Us demo below and let us know how it made you feel:

The Last of Us Live Demo from PAX Prime

[More about The Last of Us]


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4 Replies to “PAX 2012 | The Last of US Live Demo

  1. That looks pretty sweet; so grim 🙂 Looking forward to giving this a whirl (assuming that it’l be available on the Box; Naughty Dog are sticklers for their exclusivity :()

    1. Yeah, I don’t have a PS3 and at the moment it looks like it might be a PS3 exclusive. If, however, they change their minds or bring it out for 360 later, I’m there.

  2. Naughty Dog is a Sony subsidiary so it’s unlikely they’ll make any XBox games anytime soon. 🙁 You should have put a PS3 on your wedding registry like we did!

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