End of The World Entertainment: Hollywood Wasteland

Free entertainment is the best entertainment. Entertainment is also one of our best recourses for preparing for the apocalypse. You get the option to sit comfortably without the threat of injury or physical exertion and consider what you would do if you were in a given apocalyptic situation.

In that very vein, along comes Hollywood Wasteland, a plucky comedy about all the people you’d never want to be stranded at the end of the world with — your friends.

“What if the world ended, and nobody cared?”

Hollywood Wasteland is an ambitious sci-fi/comedy series that tells the tale of Jeff Collins, an aspiring comic book artist who just might end up saving the world someday; his five oblivious roommates; and the shadowy forces of evil behind the apocalypse currently taking place in Los Angeles.

Check out the trailer and if you like it, pop over to their site and watch some episodes 1 However, if you watch it and hate it? Read a book instead and pretend the show doesn’t exist… or something.


Check out Hollywood Wasteland, or don’t.

  1. After you watch some episodes, if you love it, maybe help them fund it by contributing to their fundraising efforts.


My parents let me watch and read way too much science fiction and fantasy when I was a child. Now that I'm grown, I'm bored and I can't wait for SkyNet to awaken or the super-virus to cull the human population. I'll be safe because I've learned to reason with robots from Data and the Terminator franchise... and I eat gummy vitamins by the fist-full.

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