Post-Apocalyptic Graphic Novels

I’ve been getting into comics lately. Kind of. The graphic novel variety. Sometimes all my shows are on break and I’m not ready for a new book yet but I want to keep myself alarmed and entertained. In these times, I find graphic novels the perfect niche to fill the void.
One of the best things about getting into graphic novels late? Digital comics are becoming increasingly popular and most publishers have an app or a partnership to get their products directly into my iPod[1. Suck on that Borders. I don’t need your stores. … Though I wouldn’t hate it if you brought a few of them back.]. Continue reading “Post-Apocalyptic Graphic Novels”

Post-apocalyptic Literature – Review: The Passage

The Passage is a hefty chunk of a book. I read it in softback, and could still probably have used it to brain a few enemies. Those with short attention spans will want to read something else, and news that it’s the first in a series will probably make non-readers groan, though by doing so they’ll be missing out on something fantastic.
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Post-apocalyptic Video Game: RAGE

Set for release in September 2011, Rage embraces the notion of a chaotic, violent and indulgent future. It has a similar vibe to the Max Max or A Boy and His Dog universes. It’s some how dark and dangerous while still being light and fun.
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