What you should be afraid of.

Whole psychological theories have been based on what shows up in our horror films. I could go on and on about them, but as I only have an A level in Psychology, I’m sure I would be ill-informed.
But one theory that I do agree with is that fear of monsters – of zombies, vampires, demons, whatever – is simply a way of dealing with our awareness of our own capability to be monsters.
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Making yourself a target – with your Christmas Decorations.

There are people in the world who seem to delight in making themselves a target for painful death post apocalypse. Not necessarily at your hands, but the way they live pretty much screams out for zombies to start chowing down on their brains.
Among those people are the over-decorators. Those people whose houses are covered in lights and mechanical gewgaws, obnoxious ‘amusing’ christmas decorations.
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How can playing Skyrim teach you to survive the apocalypse?

After all, wouldn’t Fallout 3, Rage, Brink, Fallout New Vegas and all the other post apocalyptic games be a better bet?
Well, yes and no.
Yes because of the obvious. Those other games are all set in apocalyptic or post apocalyptic worlds, and for that reason alone you’d think they had an advantage. And, in fact, I have used Fallout as a survival simulator, though for some reason in real life I can’t carry a mini nuke launcher. So unfair.
But there are many things Skyrim can teach you that they can’t. And it can teach it two-fold- once from the in game experiences, and once from the actual experience of playing it.
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Nelya from Dusk:Origins

As promised yesterday, I am including some original and exclusive fiction to celebrate the launch of my new collaberative blog serial, Dusk: Origins.
Meet Nelya. To follow more of her story, and the story of Jacob, Cassidy and Frida, check out Dusk: Origins every sunday.
It was the fourteenth day she had woken on her own, without the tribe. She knew this, because she had made marks for each day on a piece of leather she carried. Fourteen marks meant fourteen days. Though, really, it could have been more. There had been days that she couldn’t count, where her arm and her head burned and the fire blurred her memory. There had even been some days that hadn’t mattered at all. Those days she hadn’t marked. There could be two, five or even ten of those days.
But since things had started to matter to her again, there had been fourteen.
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Self Promotion- Dusk: Origins

If you don’t like Self-Promotion you may want to look away now. I know, it’s terribly shocking and disgusting that I’d use a blog I write for to promote something else I write for. How dare I assume that people who enjoy my writing in one venue may enjoy it in another?
Dusk: Origins is a super-special, previously super-secret project I have been having a lot of fun and good times with, and I want you to go check it out. But- I am aware you can’t do that without knowing what in the hell is going on, so I will help you.
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The Apocalypse Walk

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know by now I’m into apocalypse training. Most people would call it a fitness regime, but for me it is most definitely about not being too fat, too slow, too weak to survive.
To that end, I have made a decision.  At least once a week, every week, I am going on an Apocalypse Walk to get myself ready- and I want YOU to join me.
Yes, you.
What makes the Apocalypse Walk different from normal walking?
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Surviving the winter months.

You live in the west.  You are spoiled and pampered. Trust me. Central heating, hot water, a hospital you can go to if you catch pneumonia. We’re so used to the concept of being able to flip a switch and make heat that when the cost of it goes up we bitch.
It’s not going to exist post apocalypse. At all. Ever.
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BREAKING NEWS: Build yourself a plague mask, NOW.

According to the BBC, researchers have rebuilt the genetic code of the black death.
Because that’s a great idea.
To those of you who aren’t aware, the Black Death was a near-apocalyptic plague in the past: It killed nearly 50 million people. Back then, that was around 30 percent of the population of Europe.
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Supernatural Apocalypse

We cover all sorts of apocalypses here at In Case of Survival. We aren’t ones to shy away from the unusual, the strange, the just plain weird.
And it’s always struck me as just plain odd that the most commonly talked about and prepared for apocalypse is Zombies, which- no matter how various books try to science it up- has it’s roots in an undeniably supernatural origin.
So Zombies are fine, (probably because they’ve got huge pop-culture capital right now) but ask any of these same people about other supernatural apocalypses- werewolves, vampires, hell, even ghosts- and they would scoff and called you a ‘fucking fucktard fuck’ because this is the internet.
But if Zombies are possible with a little pseudo-science massage, why not the others?
And what the hell do we do to survive when the cause of the apocalypse is dead and can walk through walls?
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