Disruptive Innovation: BOLT: Portable USB Battery Backup

Launched earlier this this month on kickstarter, the BOLT: Portable USB Battery Backup is something we need to have in our future.
The BOLT works like a regular wall to USB to phone charger—except after you unplug the phone and the BOLT from the wall, the BOLT can still function as a charger without the wall. It charges itself while plugged in and can then recharge your phone later if you’re away from an outlet.

The BOLT is perfect for everyday survival.

Whether you find yourself stuck in traffic or bugging out, you’ll be the one still able to call for delivery or GSP your way to safety.
With 18 days still remaining [at time of writing] fluxmob’s BOLT has already reached its $44k goal. I’m sure this is because we humans would like a brighter more portable future and know good, disruptive innovation when we see it.

And speaking of seeing, the BOLT is a sexy little thing.

The wall prongs can be conveniently folded into the body when not in use
I like that fluxmob seems to be tech jargony enough that I feel they know what they’re talking about. Unfortunately, their actual website doesn’t contain much more information than the kickstarter and, most concerning: no names.
Suspicions aside, I’m geeked to live in a world where the masses want the BOLT and have the power to make it happen.
Notice the $44,000 USD goal was reached so now they’re going for a stretch goal of $88,000 so they can make international adapters for the BOLT

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