Kill 'em With Kindness

Sometimes my fellow, future post-apocalyptic queens and I like to daydream together about what our ideal post-apocalyptic world will be like. We plan to run the post-apocalyptic world not through strong-arming communities out of their supplies but through kindnessThis world often involves copious amounts of  moisturizer, rum, and POWER.

Some people will argue that kindness doesn’t go hand in hand with drunken, supple-skinned overlords. I beg to differ.
It’s not just you, I also doubt I could beat you in a fist fight or quick draw but I’m sure I could beat you in a game of which glass is filled with rum and which glass is filled with rum and poison!
Sharing is caring and I think you look tired and thirsty and I’m ever so grateful you helped me out of this pothole. I’m inclined to show you a bit of “kindness” in return (we talked about women in the post-apocalypse).

The rum isn’t only for entrapment purposes though, we believe in rewarding hard work be it by ourselves or by others. Loyalty is earned after all.

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In Halo 4's Flood mode you don't just kill your enemy, you infect them

Halo4 - FLOODHalo 4, like many Halo games before it, is filled with multiplayer modes and options. Recently I was looking for some online fun for one… I’ll wait for the giggles to calm down. I discovered the War Games mode Flood.

Within this War Games simulation, the deadly parasite has returned—a group of Spartans have been transformed into incredibly fast and deadly Flood combat forms. As the Flood, players are forced to destroy uninfected Spartans, converting them into Flood combat form allies. As an uninfected Spartan, the player’s goal is to survive the seemingly never-ending Flood onslaught, staving off transformation into the parasite.
Summary from Halo Waypoint

In Flood you play as a Spartan solider with a team of other Spartans and your objective is to kill all the infected and stop the spread of The Flood.
The Flood is a lot like The Replicators from Stargate SG1 (Which I find completely terrifying), their objective is to destroy infect all other living organisms. That’s it. No reason or logic, just infect.
You can learn more about The Flood from
In this mode it’s every Spartan for themselves. Sure we all want the same thing but if you die in this mode you don’t simply re-spawn  No, you come back as one of The Flood with the objective of infecting Spartans so there can be more Flood.
[I’m getting excited just thinking about it.]
Each round is timed and you get bonus points fr lasting until the end of the round or being “Last Man Standing,” which is kind of terrifying and ego-stroking at the same time.
Awesome, you’re the livest. Shit, all The Flood want your blood and there is a literal bullseye on you now.
As more Spartans are infected, you’ve got more enemies to defend against.
I think it’s an awesome and pretty quick single player mode, especially for us bloody-minded apocalypse lovers.