Making yourself a target – with your Christmas Decorations.

There are people in the world who seem to delight in making themselves a target for painful death post apocalypse. Not necessarily at your hands, but the way they live pretty much screams out for zombies to start chowing down on their brains.
Among those people are the over-decorators. Those people whose houses are covered in lights and mechanical gewgaws, obnoxious ‘amusing’ christmas decorations.
 I know you’re thinking I’m being a little harsh right now, but it’s simple logic. The sort of person who desperately needs to show off with lights around Christmas time, is exactly the sort of person who’ll get themselves killed straight away.
I mean, first things first, all those lights draw attention. You can’t stop looking at it when you drive or walk past, so imagine what sort of attention they’ll draw when the world ends?
But, hang on, Anninyn! They’ll be switched off when that happens, duh! Well, yes. Probably. But that’s not the point. The fact is that even putting lights up like that speaks of a certain kind of personality. I’m not talking about standard Christmas decorations, a few fairy lights, maybe a reindeer in the garden. I’m talking about houses where their electricity bill for December is higher than the rest of the year put together.
I can think of a few things to describe that (and I pity their poor neighbours, who probably just want a good nights sleep) but the main thing that comes to mind is ‘wasteful’. Someone who is wasteful pre apocalypse, is liable to be so post apocalypse. Someone who believes the world should accommodate their wishes at the expense of others pre apocalypse, is likely to behave like an idiot post apocalypse.
And if the zombies don’t get them, I can almost guarantee their neighbours will.

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