What Are Women Worth at The End of The World?

Many of the depictions of apocalyptic life we see are over the top and hyper-fictionalized.  In the few more realistic versions, there is a disquieting, reoccurring theme: women are weak and they can be broken, owned, and kept.
We see forced prostitution, the normalization of rape and capture for fun and profit, and maybe worse yet, women who stand up and act like people–especially strong people– are considered anomalous. If a woman speaks up, hunts, protects the group, or displays any skill outside of making babies, tears or meals she’s wowing the audience or they’re rolling their eyes.
The fact that a strong woman or girl invested in her survival is a novelty should be a red flag. If the apocalypse happened tomorrow, would the women you value today be seen as valuable people or just usable commodities?
Part of survival training needs to be not only developing the ability to stay alive but also the fortitude to fight for that life and your right to live it well and freely. I’ve mentioned before that part of a successful apocalyptic life, especially for women, will likely involve killing some jackholes who think they’re maleness affords them privileges to you femaleness.
I definitely see there being appropriate times to be a hooker on your own terms in the post-apocalyptic world. What is never okay is being used, abused, or manipulated into any situation be it sexual or otherwise.
So, Mitch has forty pounds on you and all the food. That makes you broke not worthless.
Kyle gets frustrated and takes it out on you because it’s hard being a survivor and you’re– anything that comes after that is bullshit. Kyle needs to get grateful about the fact there’s another person watching his back and not start handing out reasons for him to get got.
It’s more than a little disturbing that, in what is currently considered civilized society, on average more than three women a day are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends in the United States[1. Source]. Not by strangers or hobos, but by people who they welcome into their lives and promise to love reciprocally.

Image from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

One in five tweens—ages 11 to 14—say their friends are victims of emotional, physical or verbal dating violence and teenage girls are reporting dating abuse at rates higher than women, which makes them the most at-risk group for abuse in America[2. Source].
Today, it’s important to talk to teens and girls about becoming dual pistol wielding post apocalyptic Tina Turner style badasses before they become victims or see victimization as normal.
Video blogger, NinteenPercent, explains why girls, no matter how exciting Beyonce’s song is, girls do not actually run the world:

The Beyonce Video in Question:

Do you have any suggestions for dealing with or preventing post-apocalyptic domestic violence and violence against women?

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