One Block Off The Grid Explains What It Would Take To Live Off The Land

What if, instead of preparing for corporations, scientists, and politicians eventually tucking us all soundly into our collective hand basket before propelling us to eternal damnation we prepared to pave our way down an alternate path? What if we forced the issue of going green by making it easy to understand, afford, and navigate?
One Block Off The Grid (1BOG) is here to help us explore our proactive, preemptive options. Basically, as explained on their website, “1BOG is collective purchasing for green home improvements. By grouping together, we can get huge discounts on things that are typically very expensive.”

It sounds too good to be true, honestly. I assumed it was either hippy nonsense or you’d have to pay a fee to join/stay.
According to their Frequently Asked Questions:

How does One Block Off the Grid get paid?
One Block Off the Grid is free to all participants! The reason it works as a business is that all solar installers pay fees in exchange for customer referrals. When we take a whole community and give a solar installer access to everyone in that group, they are getting a lot of new customers, and they pay us a referral fee per home.

Don’t hate that.
However, if you’re not ready for joining any groups or altering your home, then feel free to syphon some of the knowledge they’re giving away over at their blog. Start with this infographic about how much land you’d need to literally live off the land.

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