Exhaustion- the whiny killer.

Yesterday I went on a long walk with my husband, practicing for the apocalypse. We packed long-dated, easily eaten things and we hunted-gathered while we were there, picking up freshly fallen hazel nuts and eating them along the way.
The problem came on the way home. I was so exhausted my eyes were closing of their on accord. I could barely walk, although home was only 40 minutes away.
So we ruined the whole thing and stopped off for a pub lunch.
But there will be no pub lunches after the apocalypse. Pub lunches will not exist. So what can a lazy girl like me do?

Well, there’s always apocalypse training. Walking everywhere, going running. Getting myself so I can walk further, longer without getting tired.And then there’s food. Post apocalypse my diet can go hang-  high energy foods become my friends again. High fat, high carb = high energy levels.
But the most important thing, the simplest thing I can do is this: Stop being such a whiny little bitch. Post apocalypse will be hard. It’ll hurt. I will get tired. And I can’t just sit down, throw my arms up in the air and whine about how I don’t wanna.
I’m going to have to push this body of mine, force it to go past my self-imposed limits. And so are you, by the way, so don’t think you get out of this.
We’d better start practicing.
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