Spotlight on: Stylish Post-Apocalyptic Armour.

Armour is important. Like, really important. It stops you from dying. So I’ve sepnt some time searching the net finding armour that’s stylish and effective. No, you don’t have to thank me yet- wait and see how you feel after you’ve spent some money.
Why? Because most of the stuff I landed on this time is really high end. On the other hand, it’s beautiful and stylish. And how will anyone take you seriously post-apocalypse if you don’t at least look the part?


Copyright FreakyZDesigns

I already own some FreakyZDesigns things- some Steampunk style armours and some wrist guards. While their website isn’t great- and doesn’t show everything they have for sale- you can contact them. They inform me that most of their sales are made on Ebay. They’re also willing to do custom designs. From experience the armour is primarily for style over strength, but even thin metal over soft areas will prevent instant death. FreakyZ work with brass, sheet stainless steel and leather.
Nigel Carren:
Picture copyright Nigel Carren.

On the expensive- like really expensive- end, how about some reproduction armour? Made to really high standards, and all commissioned or custom work, Nigel Carren also does beautiful fashion armour– including some stunning shoes that my highly publicised shoe lust is going crazy over.
Nigel Carren also happens to be a charming gentleman with an excellent sense of humour and a healthy concern about our shared post-apocalyptic future. My other advice would be- endeavour to have him on your team.
High-end leather gear with a post-apocalyptic feel here. While all of their stuff could fit, I particularly love the garter belt.
See what I mean? Seriously stunning, high end fashion for beyond the end.

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