Post-apocalyptic survival: Lessons from The Book of Eli

Recently, I watched the movie The Book of Eli (I know, I know, you’re probably saying “Welcome to 2010.” But I’m generally behind when it comes to watching grown-up movies. I’m a mom; it’s an occupational hazard.)
Anyway, while watching this movie I noted a few take-away lessons. Not the least of which is that if you have a religious book in your possession, that religion’s deity will protect you such that you become impervious to bullets. (Until your mission is completed, that is. After that, all bets are off.)
But not all of us will be so lucky.

For the rest of us, I noted the following:

  • Vehicles will still work, many years after nuclear war destroys the world (and presumably all the gas stations). A car could come in handy when traveling. If you can’t get one, a motorcycle would work, too.
  • Eating human meat will make your hands shake and make you go insane. Cannibalism is bad.
  • Be a ninja. Seriously, those ninja skills could come in handy during hand-to-hand combat.
  • Guns will be easy to find, but bullets will not. So I guess start practicing your poker face so you can bluff the other guys into thinking your gun’s loaded. It probably couldn’t hurt to try to find other bullet-like projectiles that can be shot from a gun. Or a sword.
  • Use women as bait. If you want to ambush the enemy and take their stuff, use a woman as live bait. This probably works for children, too.
  • Find underground sources of water now, while you still can. Some of those underground streams might survive a nuclear holocaust. And being the only person who knows where to get water could be a strategic advantage.
  • Take wet nap showers. In the absence of soap and water, wet naps—those moist towelettes you can get at restaurants—are a good (and possibly the only) alternative to bathing.
  • Loot. Grab stuff wherever, whenever and from whoever you can. You never know when that stuff could come in handy.
  • Be ready to use the barter system. Which is when looting comes in handy.

These notes won’t guarantee your survival, but they might help. Which might then tip the scales toward you surviving the post apocalypse.

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