Do you have your apocalypse survival plan ready?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is ready for the zombie apocalypse. They released their zombie survival plan last week.
A survival plan isn’t a bad thing. It can help you in the midst of the apocalypse, when you’re fighting the urge to run screaming for the hills (assuming those hills aren’t overrun with zombies). It can even be helpful now—a plan for surviving zombies or evil space monkeys or whatever can probably get you through, say, a mutating flu virus outbreak. Or a hurricane. (Not saying it’s guaranteed, because I can’t guarantee anything, but I’d say it’s probably a safe bet.)
So what information do you need to include in your survival plan?
First, you’re going to need to put together an emergency kit. This is your initial—and maybe only—stash of supplies. Pack the important stuff, like food, simple defense items like a utility knife, basic tools like a utility knife, medication, important documents (ie. passport, birth certificates), first aid items, soap, contact lenses or extra pairs of glasses (if you’re, ahem, “hard of sight” like me). Essentially, pack the basics, since the basics are generally going to be the important things you’ll need. Items that can do double duty, like that utility knife, will be better to have in your kit. You don’t want to be carrying around something large and heavy, after all. It’ll only weigh you down and give the zombies more opportunities to eat you.
After your kit’s ready, you’ll need to develop your emergency/evacuation plan. Here are some questions that can help you get your plan started:

  • Where will your family’s meeting point be?
  • Who are your emergency contacts? Do you think emergency contacts are even necessary?
  • Where will you go to evacuate? What route will you take to get there?
  • What will you and your family do if you get separated?
  • How will you and your family adapt the plan if the emergency (ie. the apocalypse) is worse than you’d planned for?

Your survival plan will be tailor-made for you and your family, so make sure to include anything that is important to (or unique to) your situation and circumstances.
Of course, you don’t have to develop a survival plan. A lot of people don’t. But having one will probably help you if you ever find yourself trying to outrun a zombie horde. Or a hurricane.

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